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Aluminum Rod CCR 6~7.5T/H 4+10

This is specially designed Aluminum rod Continuous Casting & Rolling machine, it is one of the most advanced production lines for producing Aluminum rods with big capacity.

Our Aluminum rod CCR line is available to make below aluminum rods:

  • EC 1350, 1370 Aluminum rods
  • 8000 series Aluminum-alloy: 8030, 8176

Features of our Aluminum Rod CCR 6~7.5T/H 4+10

1、Continuous Casting and Rolling process, complete Mechanical & Electrical integration.
2、A wide production capacity range of aluminum rods to match your needs.
3、High efficiency, high utilization, bring you high profits.
4、Process yields low scrap rates with resultant low reprocessing cost.
5、High quality Aluminum rods at low man-hours per ton.
6、Advanced automated controls simplify operations with low operating cost per ton.
7、300+ Aluminum CCR lines experience, designs are proven reliable.
8、Long service life, high return on investment.
9、Few complex components or parts and no costly exotic materials, low maintenance cost.
10、Optional parts for alloy products changes, easy and quick change.
11、SIEMENS PLC control + HMI operation + IPC + UPS.

Main Technical Parameters:
Four-wheel type

Casting machine

Crystallization wheel diameter:Φ2200mm
Casting bar section area:≈3300mm2
Casting speed:10~15.5 m/min
Continuous Rolling MillOutput Aluminum rods:Ф12mm, Ф9.5mm
Rolling type:2-roller type Roughing mill + 3-roller type Finishing mill
Qty of Rolling stands:4+10
Production capacity:6~7.5 t/h
Rolling motor drive type:Individual motor drive
Double-basket CoilerRod coil size (OD×ID):Φ2200×Φ1500 mm
Rod coil weight:1.5~2.6 Tons


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