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Copper-alloy Rod Cold Rolling Mill

This cold rolling mill is used for continuous rolling copper rod or copper alloy (Cu-Mg alloy) rod from big diameters to 8mm rods, the machine is used with upward continuous casting system.

By this continuous cold rolling process can improve the quality of copper rod that come from the upward continuous casting unit.

Features of our Copper-alloy Rod Cold Rolling Mill

1. Greatly reduce maintenance costs.
2. Double increasing working life of roller, which reduce the production cost.
3. High efficiency. Energy efficiency. Refining.
4. Strengthen the copper rod crystal organization.
5. Frequency control, stepless speed adjustment.

Main paramaters of Copper rod Cold Rolling Mill:
Rolling typeFull two-rollerThree-roller type
Finished RodOxygen free Copper rodOxygen free Copper rod
Finished Rod diameterΦ17-Φ7.8, Φ20-Φ7.8Φ17-Φ7.8, Φ20-Φ7.8
Line speed1.65 m/s1.59 m/s
Output Capacity2.2 t/h2.2 t/h

copper alloy rod cold rolling mill

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