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Copper Rod Continuous Casting & Rolling Line with Scrap copper

This Copper Rod Continuous Casting & Rolling production line is specially designed and used for producing Φ8mm bright Copper rod.

This line adopts continuous Casting & Rolling process working with Reverberatory Furnace, using the scrap copper as raw material.

Features of our Copper Rod Continuous Casting & Rolling Line with Scrap copper

1. The Continuous Casting and Rolling process absorb the advanced technology from SouthW’s and Germany SMS-M with complete Mechanical & Electrical Integration.
2. Unique electrical control the flow regulation of continuous casting system, which can improve the casting stability and continuity.
3. The Crystallization wheel adopts SouthW’s design structure,  which can improve the operation convenience and increase the steel belt service life and cooling performance.
4. The water cooling system for casting is equipped with high accurate electromagnetic flowmeter, which can improve the casting ingot quality.
5. SIEMENS PLC control the entire CCRL accurately and effectively and HMI operation, with full animation digital monitoring display, clear the actual running state of each execution unit, which can online display the hourly output, cumulative output and each processing parameters.

Technical parameters of this Copper rod Continuous Casting & Rolling line:
1. Copper rod diameter:Φ8mm
2. Crystallization wheel diameter:Φ1900mm
3. Crystallization groove cross section area:2300mm2
4. Rolling type:4 two-roller + 8 three-roller type
5. Rolling number of times:12
6. Final Rolling Max speed:8~10m/s
7. Production Capacity:12-15 mt/h

copper rod continuous casting & rolling line (复制)

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