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Rigid Stranding Machines

This Rigid Stranding machine is used for stranding Aluminum and Aluminum-alloy wires, Copper wires up to 91 wires with compacting process.

This Rigid Stranding machine is suitable to produce below wire strand:
  Copper strand,
  Aluminum conductors, AAC, ASCR/AW
  Aluminum-alloy conductors, AAAC, AACSR
  Aluminum-alloy shaped wires: Trapezoidal or others
  Milliken (Split) conductors

Features of our Rigid Stranding Machines

1. Europe structure, high precision, high speed.
2. Specially designed rigid frame and gear box
3. Real working rotating speed is 30% higher than normal rigid strander.
4. Each Stranding cage is driven by an individual AC motor.
5. Advanced wire breakage detection system to ensure each single wire breakage can be detected and displayed on HMI at once so that operator can solve the problem very quickly to continue production.
6. Grating encoder feedback to ensure transmission accuracy and stable stranding pitch, stranding pitch is stepless adjustable.
7. Automatic and fast bobbin loading and unloading system: from side trolly or side bottom.
8. Advanced electrical control system for intelligent high-efficient production.
9. Produce high quality wire strand.
10. Lower operating cost per ton of wire stranding process.
11. Unique core technology of rigid stranding, long and stable service life.

Bobbin size:Φ630Φ710
Cage Configuration:6+12+18+24+306+12+18+24+30
Single Wire diameter:Al wires: 1.8–5.0 mm, Cu wire: 1.5-5.0 mm
Rotor Rotate speed:190~230 rpm190~230 rpm

rigid stranding machines

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