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Tubular Stranding Machines

This Tubular Stranding machine is used for stranding 7 wires up to 19 wires of Aluminum and Aluminum-alloy wires, Copper wires as well as steel wires.

This Tubular Stranding machine is suitable to produce below wire strand:
  Copper strand,
  Steel wire strand,
  Aluminum conductors, AAC, ASCR
  Aluminum-alloy conductors, AAAC, AACSR
  Aluminum-clad steel strand

Features of our Tubular Stranding Machines

1. Europe structure, high precision, high speed.
2. Real working rotating speed is 50% higher than normal tubular strander.
3. Only need to change the bobbins 2 times in 24 hours production.
4. Almost never wire break to stop the machine due to our unique good wire tension control.
5. Actual production efficiency is double than normal tubular strander, our 1 set ≈ other’s 2 sets.
6. 300-350 sq.m. factory area per set less required of our tubular stranding line than normal tubular strander.
7. 2 operators per set less required of our tubular stranding line than normal tubular strander.
8. Produce high quality wire strand especially for high requirement of wire tension control.
9. Lower operating cost per ton of wire stranding process.
10. Unique core technology for tubular stranding, long and stable service life.

Bobbin Configuration:Φ630/6B, Φ630/12BΦ710/6B, Φ710/12B
Single Wire diameter:Al wires: 1.6–5.0 mm, Cu wire: 1.8-5.0 mm
Rotor Rotate speed:800 rpm700 rpm
Max. line speed:120 m/min120 m/min

tubular stranding machines

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