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Upward Continuous Casting Machine

This upward continuous casting machine unit is specially used for producing oxygen-free copper rods of 8mm, 17mm and 20mm.

The technological process of this Upcast Continuous Casting system for Oxygen-free Copper rod is:
Electrolytic copper plate (cathode copper)→ Melting furnace→ Transition warehouse→ Holding furnace→ Crystallizer→ Traction→ Automatic speed adjusting→ Automatic coiling→ Finished rods.

Features of our Upward Continuous Casting Machine

1. Control the oxygen content at 10ppm of copper rods to eliminate the hollow core.
2. Low energy consumption, energy consumption per ton is 20% lower than other similar equipment.
3. Removable sensors, flexible maintenance, short repair time, which can greatly reduce maintenance costs.
4. SIEMENS PLC control, Servo drive system, HMI control.
5. Automatic control rod coiling, more than 3 tons single coil weight.
6. The highest grade of the heat-resistant furnace material, improving the furnace service life.

upward continuous casting machine

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