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Prysmian China Headquarter Set in Yixing, China

prysmian jiangsu china in yixing city

Today, the “People’s government of Guanlin town, Yixing city, Jiangsu province, China” held the Signing Ceremony with “Prysmian Group (CHINA)” for the “Prysmian China Headquarter Project”.

The CEO of Prysmian China Mr. Minglei Bai and the municipal party secretary of Yixing city Mr. Xiaochun Feng attend the signing ceremony.

signing ceremony of prysmian jiangsu china in yixing city

Italy Prysmian Group is a world leader of communication cables, which is famous for its strong technology and quality management in the world over the years. The market share for communication cables & power cables exceed 10%.

Since 2016 entered in Guanlin town, Yixing city, Prysmian (Jiangsu) set up a standard of Smart Manufacturing in the whole city with its cutting-edge ideas, high-end equipment and advanced technology. Prysmian has taken a positive leading role in intelligentized reconstruction & transformation and upgrading of Yixing’s traditional industry.

In recent years, based on high recognition of the Yixing business environment, Prysmian has continuously introduced leading wire & cable products and technologies in Yixing city, commited to the important manufacturing base of Asian-Pacific region.

prysmian china workshop in yixing

Yixing, a city of south Jiangsu, is the biggest production base of Wire & Cable in China. There are over 300 wire and cable makers here, including “Far East Cable“, “Jiangnan Cable“. 

The yearly output value of cable industry here exceeds ten billion yuan. In the end of 2020, the local government published the 2021-2025 development planning that this city is committed to becoming the “World first-class Wire & Cable Smart Manufacture Base” and “China leading Wire & Cable Innovative Highland”.

prysmian jiangsu china factory

We, Jiangsu Suyang Machinery located in Jiangsu as well, only 20km far away from Prysmian (Jiangsu). Since 1983 we have provided thousands sets of cable machines to Yixing city, we also supplied a lot of machines to Jiangsu Huan Cable company, which is took over by Prysmian (China). We will keep and improve our cooperation with the cable makers here to develop together in the future.

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