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What’s the advantage of two roller type continuous casting & rolling machine?

1. Adjust the roll pass at any time

Eccentric locking collar adjustment adopts latest technologies, high adjustment accuracy, large adjustment range and with self-locking function, easy operation. The roll pass can be adjusted in production at any moment to change the tension and thrust.

2. Elevated type CCRL structure

The whole CCRL structure is elevated type, the rod outlet and cooling device is horizontal type with better stability. 

3. Advanced Coiling system

The hydraulic rod take-up and hydraulic packing system adopt latest technologies.

4. Oil & emulsion are separated

The biggest disadvantage of 4+8 three-roller rolling machine is oil and emulsion are not separated, those bearings shall be lubricated by oil are often lubricated by aqueous emulsion, which will cause the bearing break down frequently. It’s possible to occur malfunction after the machine working 24 hours, and the maintenance is also difficult.

However, our two roller type continuous casting and rolling machine can avoid this problem. Besides, many key parts of the CCRL has been improved by ourselves to ensure better performance and better quality copper rod.

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