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Wire China 2020 Ending Today

Time flies, wire China 2020 is ending today after four days. 

At present, China has taken the lead in economic recovery from the COVID – 19 prevention and control. We deeply believe the wire China 2020 will help all wire & cable industry find out the sustainable, safe, high-effeciency and stable power and support, and also help companies in this industry achieve new development.

In the past four days, there are over 700 exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors come all together. The Covid-19 made negative effect to us, but we all believe it will go away and let’s hope for the best! It will be really nice to see you again.

We, Suyang machinery, got a great harvest from this wire China 2020. We met our old friends and share information with each other, also we received many intentional orders. Since our founding in 1980, we have been working in this industry for four decades, here we really appreciate our partners. We will continuously improving our equipment and our service to reward your trust. Thank you! 

See you in Sep. 2022!

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  1. This is great. I find the busier I am the less creative I am or have the ability to be. I find slowing down and taking time helps me, but taking a class sure gets the creative juices flowing if I have the time to enjoy it and time to continue with it after. Lora Abbot Red

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